CYBERENG - Cybersecurity Engineer/Manager
5 Days Training Schedule



The project CYBERENG developed a set of intellectual outputs leading towards the definition of new skills/competences and knowledge, training material of EuroSPI/ASA Certified Cyber Security Manager and Engineer.

The project has been financially supported by the European Union under the Erasmus+ program(supported through the Czech national Agency under the AGREEMENT No. 078494). Please see the partners and more information about the project by clicking on the buttons below:

The content has been co-developed and reviewed in partnership with SOQRATES which is a group of leading automotive and electronics companies and consultants that work together in areas of ASPICE, functional safety, cybersecurity, and new areas such as machine learning and AI in future.

ISCN is a certified training partner of iNTACS and VDA-QMC for Automotive SPICE, and ISCN established a EuroSPI Academy. The academy is hosting the online training.

CYBERENG partners are co-founders of the ASA Working Group 3.6 in Brussels together with Valeo to empower skills in Automotive IT in future. The training will be certified by EuroSPI/ASA as a Certified Cybersecurity Engineer/Manager Basic Level (EuroSPI Certificates & Services GmbH and the Automotive Skills Alliance (ASA) Micro-credentials endorsed by four European automotive associations ACEA, CECRA, CLEPA and ETRMA).

Course Outline

In this 5 days training course the attendees get introduced to UNECE 155, ISO 21434, ACSMS Automotive Cybersecurity Management System, and ASPICE for Cybersecurity. Based on examples from cybersecurity classified projects in Automotive the meaning of the cybersecurity related norms is explained.
Attendees will participate actively in case studies and elaborate exercises. The certification is based on: 1. A multiple choice exam and 2. a mandatory set of exercises in the course which are performed in teams. The skills set is defined by project CYBERENG as an implementation of the previously run project DRIVES.

Training Plan

Materials and Course Environment

This course is based on practical Automotive examples from Cybersecurity projects in Ford, DAG and BMW security classified projects. The exercises are based on best practices in cybersecurity projects which were implemented at leading Automotive suppliers and OEMs.

The course materials and lectures are online available on the EuroSPI Academy platform after registration: